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Exploring Queensland Shared Services’ Customer-Centric Transformation Journey

Ahead of Public Sector Transformation 2018, we chat to Lori Burdon, Director, Portfolio and Change at Queensland Shared Services about their journey in transforming their organisation to provide a better customer-centric experience.

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How one organisation achieved a 45% improvement in service through a whole of government shared service Lessons learned from Northern Ireland Government’s shared services journey

In this article, Paul Wickens, Deputy Secretary, CIO/CEO for ESS at the Northern Ireland Civil Service, explores the core elements of ESS’ shared services vision, the lessons learned from their journey to date and the major efficiency gains they have realised as a direct result of a whole of government...

Improving efficiency and effectiveness through back-office transformation in government

In this report, SSON takes a look at the strategies New Zealand Post, Auckland Council and Victoria Police are using to transform their back-office through people and processes and how this is driving productivity and reducing inefficiency throughout each organisation.

Interview transcript: Expanding your Customer Base to Increase Efficiency across Government

In this interview, Andrew Whale Executive Director A/g, Partnership Services, Shared Services, ACT Government, explores the evolution of his shared service, from establishment 8 years ago to achieving efficiencies for approximately 9 ACT directorates. In doing so, he will explore the crossroads at which his shared service is at and the...

Tool-kit to driving whole of government approach to back-office transformation

This tool-kit has been complied based on industry research and includes advice from government organsations at different stages of the transformation journey on how to improve efficiency and service delivery through transformation. Download the tool-kit to find out more about how you can:Decide on a fit for purpose operating modelBuild...

Expanding your Customer Base to Increase Efficiency Across Government

Shared services are usually introduced to capitalise on economies of scale, moving administrative tasks away from individual business units into a central operation unit. However, once a shared service is established, what is next on the continuum of service delivery? In this video interview, Andrew Whale Executive Director A/g, Partnership Services,...

How Australia Post is innovating their back-office with employees at the centre of transformation

In this article, Julie Williams, Former Head of People Services at Australia Post, shares how Australia Post is transforming their shared services function to become customer-led and the tools and strategies other government organisations can employ to embed speed, agility and innovation to evolve their shared services to become more strategic, efficient...

Revolutionising public sector shared services to keep up with changing customer demands

In this interview, Caron Alexander, Director of Digital Shared Services, Department of Finance UK explores the strategies her shared services team is implementing to enable corporate services to become nimble to keep up with customer expectations and the lessons that Australian government organisations can learn from their journey to date.

Lessons learned from Queensland Shared Services Transformation journey: Driving a culture of change to deliver improved services

In this case study, Irene Violet Assistant Director General, Queensland Shared Services, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, explores the specific steps QLD SS took to create a culture of change to support their new shared services vision and the lessons learned from their transformation journey to date.

Balancing Agility and Governance to Effectively Deliver Customer Satisfaction

In this presentation from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2018, Lori Burdon, Director, Portfolio and Change at Queensland Shared Services talks about: Balancing the MOG changeswith BAUKeeping the customer at thecentreLesson learned andopportunities forimprovement

Data-driven decision making for local council

In this presentation from Shared Services and Outsourcing Week, 2018, Warren Dean, Senior Data Analyst for the City of Casey discusses: • Challenges faced by the City of Casey•Analytics for how the City of Casey is using their data and open data. •Analytics for future planning

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[Video] Exploring Queensland Shared Services’ Customer-Centric Transformation Journey

Ahead of Public Sector Transformation 2018, we chat to Lori Burdon, Director, Portfolio and Change at Queensland Shared Services about: - Queensland Shared Services' transformation journey to date - Seamless integration of new processes - The importance of customer centricity

Tool-kit to Ensure the Success of Government Transformation Projects

Featuring perspectives from Queensland Shared Services, Western Sydney University, Australia Post, South East Water and the Department of Finance UK, this tool-kit is a step-by-step guide for public sector organisations to learn how to improve service delivery and back-office operations.

Past Presentations

University of Melbourne Shared Services Journey in Finance Services Transformation In 2015

In this presentation from Public Sector Transformation 2017, Eliana Hruby, Associate Director, Finance Operations at the University of Melbourne discusses: The implementation of the new organisational structure in Melbourne University, starting from 2014 to the most recent and most promising performance indicator outcomes as a result of their new Melbourne...

Transitioning Shared Services to a Digital Activity Base Workplace

In this presentation from Public Sector Transformation 2017, Nicola Forbes, Principal Manager, Information Services & Records, Finance at Transport for NSW discusses:Implementing workplaces of the future to drive down the cost of real estate while still attracting top talentCreating a culture of collaboration and innovation that can combat employee anxiety...